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In-Office Consultations

Dr. Shimizu’s in-office consults are a combination of modalities to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms/conditions. Clients are holistic beings composed of four experiences: physical, emotional/mental, vital and supramental. Dr. Shimizu examines all four aspects of the client through applied kinesiology to find the root cause of disease. He then outlines a treatment plan that is addressed to the individual and is creatively designed to complement your uniqueness. The modalities that Dr. Shimizu may use in any given appointment include Applied Kinesiology, NAET, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Essential Oils, Auricular Therapy, Bioenergetic Remedies and Natural Healing Systems.


We ask patients to take the time to thoroughly complete the Patient Generated Index as Dr. Shimizu uses this as basis for getting to know each client personally and getting to know their lives from conception to present. The Patient Generated Index is designed to ask and document quality of life concerns as well as your health information. This information influences each persons state of being from nutritional deficiencies, compromised immunity, emotional imbalances, and general dis-ease.

Phone Consultations

Dr. Shimizu is able to assess clients through non-local communication as well. This is based off of quantum theory of entanglement. Quantum entanglement describes the phenomenon where pairs or groups of particles cannot be described independently of the state of others, even when the particles are separated over long distances. In experiments, two particles were separated by a long distance. When one particle was observed spinning, the other particle would also spin in the opposite direction, seemingly unaffected by distance nor time.


Dr. Shimizu’s work is based off of these two concepts in Quantum Physics: non-local communication and the fact that the future is pure potentiality. Dr. Shimizu treats non-local clients by using a surrogate’s body to tap into your intrinsic intelligence over long distance using resonance feedback testing.

The Theory Behind The Practice

Quantum Physics and How it Affects YOU

Newtonian principles states that all phenomena is the result of the movement of matter in space and time. Conventional medicine is based off of this scientific materialism. However, Newtonian physics have since been replaced by Quantum Physics in almost all fields except medicine. Quantum theory states that all things are transcendent waves of possibility existing in a realm of potentiality until observed. Only when observed do these waves of possibilities behave as particles in physical space and time. This theory brings doubt to the idea of pre-determined genetic expressions such as diseases. Is your life meant to be ridden with disease or is that simply one of many potential possibilities?


Dr. Jyun Shimizu, D.Ac., EAMP, L.Ac., is currently studying at the University of Quantum Physics and is a candidate for the PhD program. His unique practice is the combination of traditional modalities and modern science. He bridges the gap between traditional medicine and modern science.

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