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Jyun Shimizu – D.Ac , EAMP

Jyun Shimizu – D.Ac , EAMP

Dr. Jyun was inspired by his family’s value of compassion, balanced diet, and natural healing in Japan. He pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 1990’s following his family background. In the 2000’s he expanded his knowledge to homeopathic, naturopathic, and the Bio-energetic field. After 2010 he started to integrate all aspects of medicine and healing into his practice. Currently, he is pursuing mind medicine utilizing the Philosophy of Quantum Physics and how it applies to all aspects of the body. He is a candidate for the PhD and Doctorate in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University.

Integrative Modalities
Applied Kinesiology
Autonomic Response Testing
Natural Healing System
NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique)
Auricular Therapy with Laser
Orthomolecular Therapy
Homeopathic Medicine
Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy
Herbal Medicine
Flower Remedies
Therapeutic Essential Oil
Chakra Medicine