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Welcome to AIM

At the AIM Center for Natural Healing, Dr. Jyun focuses on integration of all aspects of the body: Bliss, Supramental, Emotional, Vital and Physical.  He believes in working with the Body’s innate ability to create overall health and well-being. Each person that comes to our center is unique, and Dr. Jyun’s goal is create healing methods with his clients. Dr. Jyun is here to elevate your health, help you meet your highest goals, and support you in reaching a new level of wellness in your life. At the AIM Center we strive to help you discover your vitality.

Below are three reasons to become an AIM Client

You have currently worked or are working with Allopathic or Naturopathic medicine, but not progressing with healing and would like to explore other options to heal yourself.

You have worked or are working with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda Medicine or other Vital (energy) healing therapy but are not getting the results you desire.

You have already explored the traditional Chinese and energetic approach but are still struggling with ongoing issues and would like to explore the emotional/mental aspect of your healing.

  • 425.289.0188
  • heal@aimnaturalhealing.com

Dr. Jyun Shimizu

Dr. Jyun was inspired by his family’s value of compassion, balanced diet, and natural healing in Japan. He pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 1990’s following his family background. In the 2000’s he expanded his knowledge to homeopathic, naturopathic, and the Bio-energetic field. After 2010 he started to integrate all aspects of medicine and healing into his practice. Currently, he is pursuing conscious medicine utilizing the Philosophy of Quantum Physics and how it applies to all aspects of the body. He is a candidate for the PhD and Doctorate in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University.

Dr. Shimizu offers both in-office and phone consults. Click here for an explanation of services.

Integrative Modalities

Applied Kinesiology
Autonomic Response Testing
Natural Healing System
NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique)
Auricular Therapy with Laser
Orthomolecular Therapy
Homeopathic Medicine
Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy
Herbal Medicine
Flower Remedies
Therapeutic Essential Oil
Chakra Medicine

AIM Introductory Video

What Makes Us Different

Each of us is a unique blend of our ethical backgrounds, life story, childhood history, ancestry, DNA expression, blood type, environment, and spiritual beliefs. Here at AIM we consider all the aspects of YOU and build an individualized healing plan that suits your needs.






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AIM Affiliated Practitioners

Linda Seagraves, MA, CMS-CHt, SEP

Linda Seagraves, MA, CMS-CHt, SEP

Trained at the renowned Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts, Linda has provided Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) services in the Seattle area for more than 10 years.
With a focus on long-term strategies for managing stress, Linda incorporates elements of meditation, yoga, medical qi gong, somatic experiencing, and neuro feedback in a practical, sustainable, evidenced-based program. As a former Marine Corps captain, corporate manager and financial VP, Linda has long known the value and effectiveness of stress reduction protocols in managing the toxic effects of high-pressure modern environments.
In addition to having completed the Center for Mindfulness program, Linda is certified as a yoga instructor, somatic experiencing practitioner, and clinical medical hypnotherapist. You can learn more about her program, its components and its results on her websites.
  • 425-270-5967
  • linda@lindaseagraves.com



Jamie is the Founder and Certified Reiki Master Practitioner at Pure Reiki Wellness and accredited by the International Reiki Organization. She is also the Founder of Techies + Wellness. Her mission is to empower and support individuals to change their lives through transformational, holistic healing. Jamie offers individual Reiki sessions and also hosts holistic wellness events and retreat experiences.

Reiki is a safe and natural healing technique that treats the whole person, body, mind and spirit, to achieve balance and restore optimum health. It has been studied as a healing method for all sorts of pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression. She has been blessed to use Reiki in so many life-changing ways in her own life, including her healing journey from a disabling illness. It is her personal experience and seeing the transformation in her clients that has made her a strong advocate in the power of Reiki and she is honored to be able to share the gift of Reiki and her gift of intuition with others on their own healing journey.

Find out more about Reiki and if it’s for you

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  • purereikiwellness@outlook.com
  • https://www.jamiecabaccang.com/reiki

Susan Adamson, RN, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Susan Adamson, RN, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Susan has worked for 27 years as a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Her varied nursing career has spanned from the University of Washington Hospital's NICU, to Seattle King County Public Health Department as a Public Health Nurse, to Overlake Hospital as an outpatient Lactation Nurse, and most recently to the Renton School District as a School Nurse. Although she enjoyed and learned from all of her nursing jobs, she began to realize that the traditional nursing role was creating an imbalance in her energetic body and taking a toll on her health. She became extremely fatigued and developed chronic severe low back pain. Susan's "free-time" became her health-care-appointment-time. Over a 6-8 year period she visited numerous doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists and many other specialized health care providers. She spent thousands of dollars on treatments and supplements each year, with little relief.
After being introduced to energy healing in the form of QiGong, she began to see some hope of regaining her life back. She began to slow down and listen to her body. She learned to "welcome her symptoms" as a window into her healing journey. She logged at least 60 hours of QiGong class time that first year as well as weekly yoga classes, and became a Reiki practitioner, offering Reiki treatments to friends and family as well as treating herself. A few months later, she heard about BodyTalk through a good friend, and at first was curious and skeptical. At her first session she was amazed at the depth and scope of the practice - she became hooked! Within a year she fulfilled all her training (80+ hours) and 50 practice sessions, and became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Susan's background as a Registered Nurse is a perfect foundation for this energy work. The beauty and power in BodyTalk is that we are the gatekeepers of our own health. We just need to relearn how to listen to what our body is really telling us.

  • 206-914-1270
  • bodytalkwithsusan@gmail.com
  • www.bodytalkwithsusan.com

Nancy Tung, RN

Nancy Tung, RN

Nancy has been in the health profession for almost 40 years, ranging from medical/surgical nursing, neonatal/pediatric Intensive Care nursing, to Anesthesia and Outpatient Surgery nursing. Not able to find solutions for her 10 long years of chronic fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, and unrelenting neck and back pain in her mid-40s, she decided to take her health into her own hands.
She immersed herself in energy healing modalities and received extensive certifications such as Jin Shin Do Body-Mind Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Mental Field Therapy (MFT), Autonomic Response Testing (ART), Yiren Medical Qigong, Visualization and Meditation, Family and Medical Constellation and Brainspotting.

Nancy's Holistic Wellness Coaching Programs are rooted in her own personal journey of full recovery and much beyond- becoming the happiest and healthiest person she knows. Life is too short to be wasted, so she has dedicated herself to helping others to achieve their highest potential of wellness!

If living a life being happy and healthy is important to you,
If you desire to transform chronic illnesses and pain to letting your life blossom,
If you have tried everything and nothing has worked to your satisfaction,
Give yourself a treat by scheduling a "Comprehensive Assessment and Strategy" session with Nancy.

  • 415-448-7089
  • NancyTungCoaching@gmail.com
  • nancytung.com

Haleh Olsen, MS, CN, Lifestyle Nutritionist

Haleh Olsen, MS, CN, Lifestyle Nutritionist

Honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle. A honu has the ability to navigate through rough waters yet always find its way home, so they stand for good luck, peace, endurance and long life.

Known for her warmth and nutritional expertise and inspired by her background in human biology and a passion for cooking, Haleh Olsen’s emphasis lies in the power of different foods to support and heal the human body by working in sync with it instead of against it. Our bodies are living machines, and every machine, no matter the simplicity or complexity, requires the correct tools and maintenance to function optimally.

Every individual is unique, so sometimes applying “common knowledge” only gives you common results. When over 65% of the population is overweight, common results are usually part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Food is the foundation for every hormone and chemical message that travels through our bodies, and just like a bad phone line can ruin a conversation, insufficient nutrition will degrade the body’s ability to both send and receive the right information needed to run properly and thrive.

Haleh received her Masters of Science from Bastyr University and is a Certified Nutritionist in the State of Washington. She is bilingual and speaks both English and Farsi. When not working with clients, Haleh enjoys spending time in the kitchen experimenting with food, teaching tricks to her dog, and enjoying the outdoors.

Haleh specializes in helping her clients with Weight management, Chronic & autoimmune disorders, Digestive health, Food allergies, Thyroid and Adrenal Gland Conditions, Fatigue, Sleep, Anxiety & Depression, Menopause & Hormone Balance/ Libido, Fertility & IVF, Expecting Mothers and those Breastfeeding.

  • (425) 442-5209
  • haleh@honunutrition.com
  • http://honunutrition.com/

Molly Grove, Bio-Energy Healing Source

Molly Grove, Bio-Energy Healing Source

Molly Grove is an Intuitive, Life Coach and Energy Healer who specializes in Bio-Energy Healing to clear qi blockages and re-balance the body's energy field.

  • (425) 457-9768
  • molly@bioenergyhealingseattle.com
  • bioenergyhealingseattle.com


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